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One-day trips regenerate us. Multi-day nature excursions move our physical and mental boundaries. Hiking makes us stronger, more enduring, more modest, less self-centered. Walking the Via Adriatica trail offers the possibility of unpredictable personal adventures. Getting to know the landscape and its inhabitants, plants, and animal life, geomorphologic diversity, exposure to the conditions that develop our adaptability and resourcefulness. Those are only just the outward features of what hiking in the long run really gives to the individual.

In a wider social long-term plan, Via Adriatica supports sustainable development by supporting the non-invasive economy and creating preconditions for the evolution of the so-called smart tourism. Connections with local communities will help develop small rural economies, crafts, and agrotourism. This gives the remote rural areas a chance to revitalize and by doing so the trail obtains an authentic tourist character.

Via Adriatica also enriches the offer of developed places on the coast by offering their visitors an additional experience of the natural beauties of Croatia

„Mountaineering is a product of highly civilized and cultural environments, it is an integral part of the particular culture and in a certain sense a benchmark for the degree of urbanization."

dr. Željko Poljak, Hrvatske planine