Why? How? When?






Why Via Adriatica?

There were no long distance hiking trails in Croatia.
We want to connect multiple attractive locations on one single path.
We want to promote lesser known but equally beautiful landscapes.
We want to encourage people to step outside, get to know nature, enjoy it and preserve it.

How did it all start?

As members of the adventurous ecological association called AktivNatura we spend many days walking, hiking, cycling, kayaking..and so many times we were discussing the same question; how do we connect all these natural beauties, spectacular views, historical and cultural heritage in one unique experience? And thus this idea was organically born; an idea of a long walking trail along the Adriatic coast.
There are many known and well visited long distance trails in the world, plus walking and hiking are becoming more and more popular ways to enjoy nature, so why not create one in Croatia as well. We have all the elements in place to do so!
We have no doubt that Via Adriatica, the first Croatian long-distance trail, will become well visited and enjoyed as well.

Why did we go coastal?

At first, our idea was to connect all the Croatian scenic points of interest from Kopački rit to Prevlaka. However, going deeper into the idea we realized the most attractive part of the trail would go along the coast combining highest peaks and fascinating views of our sea and islands. As Croatia is a Mediterranean tourist destination, it is very convenient for tourists to add a hiking experience to their summer vacation.
While planning the Via Adriatica we thought about the Croatian Mountain Trail that connects 152 Croatian peaks. Yet, our idea was to make a continuous line, a single uninterrupted track. As we connect well-known locations, we are able to discover less known but equally beautiful places along the way.

Why only Croatian territory?

We strongly and firmly believe there are no borders in nature. For example, there is a beautiful project called Via Dinarica; a long distance trail going all the way from Slovenia to Albania. However, our wish was to make a Croatian long distance trail.

Where did the name come from?

Via means path, way, route. Considering the trail length can take days or months to walk, we can say it is a real journey. Geographically speaking, the trail is for the most part following the coast of the Adriatic sea. Besides aforementioned Via Dinarica, there is also Via Alpina going through the Alps, passing through 8 countries. Taking all this into account, it was only logical that we name this trail Via Adriatica.

Why direction Kamenjak – Prevlaka?

Kamenjak and Prevlaka are well known bordering locations of Croatian west coast and south coast. Besides being the beginning and the end of the trail, Pula and Dubrovnik are very well known tourist destinations as well. Their good traffic connection and vicinity of airports make them a great starting point for trail access.

What does the trail look like?

We initially imagined this trail as one that connects beautiful and attractive alpine locations along the Adriatic coast. It is a combination of existing and marked hiking trails, forest roads, field paths and some local roads with slight traffic.
We tried to avoid larger populated places to allow the traveler to spend as much time in nature as possible. The trail also offers many opportunities to visit attractions along the way, from just a few minutes to a maximum of several hours away.

Who is this trail for?

Statistics show that active outdoor tourism (and not just extreme sports) is in a steady growth. Therefore our intention was to create a trail for a broader population so that almost everyone can enjoy it. Experienced and active hikers can have a new challenge with multi-day trips, however, the trail is also meant for those who want an active vacation but prefer less demanding activities that don’t require a greater effort.
Via Adriatica offers different possibilities; from an enjoyable few hour walk/hike, touring several peaks in just one day, up to multi-day hikes or a thru-hike for those experienced and courageous.
We believe this is one of the best ways to promote walking as a healthy lifestyle and also a good way to educate people to get to know, protect and preserve our environment.

Who are the people behind the project?

The creator of the idea is Srećko Vukov, the "driving force" and "conceptual leader" of the adventurous ecological association AktivNatura. However, without the rest of the AktivNatura team, the project would not be possible! AktivNatura has almost 100 members and more than 6,000 Facebook followers.
We also collaborate with members of various mountaineering associations active in areas the trail is passing through, as well as many volunteers and nature lovers that share our passion for this project.

Is the trail ready to use?

Yes, it is possible to walk "just" the sections or entire trail - we have mapped all with GPS.
Anyone who wishes to walk Via Adriatica can contact us and we will be glad to help with all the information.