Nothing is more powerful than

an idea whose time has come

Victor Hugo





ANlogo6AktivNatura is a group of nature lovers and recreational enthusiasts with many years of experience in organizing social gatherings through various activities; hiking, biking, kayaking and environmental preservation.

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Srećko Vukov

Project Manager: trail tracing, photo and video, social networks, field trip organization, partners and sponsors contact


Bruno Mezić

Project secretary: visual identity, design and promotional material, web site maintenance, field trip organization, partners and sponsors contact


Jelena Lešaja

writer, national parks/nature parks/public institutions contact


Tatjana Šavorić

Trail Angels manager: coordinating Trail Angels, trail information


Darko Gavrić Čerčo

trail tracing and logistics for the sections 7-13

Marko Majic

Marko Majić

trail tracing, cleaning and marking